Archaeoinformatics, computational archaeology and quantitative methods have been a constant and developing branch for the last decades. It comprises different aspects of archaeology and information technology in daily work as well as methodology. Both - the use of the current technology and the methodological implementation in archaeology - have to be developed. This is the aim of our working group ISAAK (Initiative for Statistical Analysis in Archaeology Kiel).

What we do and offer:

We offer programs, scripts and functions for data management and interoperability, develop R-packages for different tasks and present tutorials for programs and archaeological tasks. Everything in constant development and freely accessible in our github repository.

Currently we work on this topics:

  • statistical and quantitative methods
  • spatial analysis
  • data bases and data management
  • mapping and remote sensing
  • simulation and reconstruction
  • open data and open publishing

To see our current portfolio, visit the projects page.

Would you like to participate?

Feel free to fork a repository, submit an issue, or contact us, if you are interested to join our group.