Modelling Spheres of Intercation

Franziska Faupel, Daniel Knitter and Oliver Nakoinz
Summer School 2016


  • Franziska Faupel
  • Carl Evers

Reconstructing and Modelling Early Iron Age Systems of Interaction and Distribution

Mosaic | Modelling Speheres of Interaction

International Center

Guest Lectures

  • Loup Bernard

  • James Allison

  • Aleksandr Diachenko

Daniel Knitter

  • SS 2013 (Noer)
  • WS 2014 (Berlin)

MOSAIC - Modelling Speheres of Interaction


  • understand concepts
  • adapt methods and techniques
  • connect to experts
  • establish a community
  • develop a scientific network
  • collaborative projects of participants

Some usefull information


Interaction between Humans and Landscape

Jutta Kneisel


Needed Packages

  • vioplot
  • ggplot2
  • sm
  • rgdal
  • raster
  • sp
  • rgeos
  • maptools
  • proj4
  • gstat
  • foreign
  • shapefiles
  • plyr
  • Matrix
  • spdep
  • nlme
  • rpart
  • spatstat
  • igraph
  • RANN

Install Packages from a local directory

In case the internet connection is not stable enough, you find all needed packages on your flash drive. Please adapte the follwing code to your needs.

 install.packages("ggplot2", lib="path to flash drive or local dir/Rpackages/")
 library(ggplot2, lib.loc="path to flash drive or local dir/Rpackages/")

MOSAIC - Modelling Speheres of Interaction


This Summer School focuses on interaction as a key concept in social life, and on methods for reconstructing and modeling spheres of interaction at different spatial and temporal scales. Students will learn an innovative approach, used in recent studies, for modelling spheres of interaction. The course will cover a variety of theories and concepts that will enable students to apply this method to further regions, material groups, and time periods. The course is divided into individual lessons presented by experts, thus providing a diverse overview of approaches.

MOSAIC - Modelling Speheres of Interaction

About Mosaic

At Kiel University there is a growing interdisciplinary community which strives to establish an integrative concept and culture of modelling. The intention behind Mosaic is to convey the Kiel spirit of interdisciplinary modelling and to facilitate knowledge transfer on basic theories, methods and techniques in spatio-temporal modelling. In this summer school we will introduce participants to the basics of modelling, mathematics, trends, boundaries, movement, interaction and networks.